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Ray Brankline’s (Brancaleone) art displays tremendous variety. He is expert in portraiture, scenic vistas, or creative and interpretive display. His work is vigorous and fresh. There is an immediacy to every portrait that makes it alive rather than merely life-like. He captures the essence of a person, even a child, with the careful attention he pays to expression, especially in the eyes. Yet there is nothing stilted or formulaic in these presentations. His is the broad swoop of the brush coupled with a punctilious execution of detail that makes his work vital and appealing.


A perception of movement and urgent focus animates every canvas. A natural understanding of perspective and use of color distinguish his output; he does not succumb to trends or fads.


His Marta series again exhibits his wide stylistic reach. This exuberant output illustrates his comfort with new thematic approaches as well as the remarkable individuality he brings to each portrait in the collection.


Currently, Ray is working on commissions of portraits - some human and many of adorable fur babies!  Don't worry, your fur babies are not required to sit for the portrait. LOL They are painted from photographs.


Ray is a long-time Sacramento resident. 


About the Team


Every individual should have access to art and culture in their daily lives. It's our goal to provide a medium between art enthusiasts and the artists themselves.


From the outset, our project's goal was to enable visitors to not only understand the art we display, but also to generate group discussions about the pieces as a way to bring culture into one's valuable leisure time. We have forged many partnerships over the years and obtained many patrons who support this initiative.


Our diverse, friendly team is interested in learning about what each of our visitors want to discover - whether they are young, old, big or small - let's get to know each other!



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